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El Rostro de la Venganza (Lit: The Face of Vengeance / English: Facing Destiny) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios, Miami. David Chocarro, Elizabeth Gutierrez and Cynthia Olavarria starred as the protagonist, with the special participation of Maritza Rodríguez, while Saúl Lisazo and Marlene Favela starred as the antagonists.
rebelde rebels - Telenovela talks about the adventures of students of the Mexican school for rich youth, Elite Way Sc
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rebelde rebels

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Alma i roberta - Alma i roberta zbuntowani
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Alma i roberta

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Alma y Roberta.! - Obie są wybuchowe i impulsywne.
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Alma y Roberta.!

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