Ahvaz (or Ahwaz; Persian: اهواز‎, translit. Ahvāz) is a city in the southwest of Iran, and the capital of Khuzestan province. According to statistical center of Iran, Ahwaz population is about 1,300,000 and its built-up area with Sheybani was home to 1,136,989 inhabitants. It is home to Persians, Arabs, Lurs (Bakhtiaris), Dezfulis, Shushtaris, etc. and different languages are spoken in it, such as Persian, Arabic;and the dialects of Luri (Bakhtiari), Dezfuli, Shushtari, etc. Iran's only navigable river, Karun, passes by the middle of the city. It has a long history dating back to the Achaemenid period. In the ancient times, it had been one of the main centers of the Academy of Gondishapur.