Academy of Mr. Kleks

Ambroży Kleks, commonly referred to as Pan Kleks (Mr. Inkblot), is a fictional character in a series of books by Polish writer Jan Brzechwa. A series of movie adaptations of the books has been directed by Krzysztof Gradowski. Mr. Kleks is the creator and headmaster of his magical Academy, which is only open for boys whose names begin with an 'A'. In this academy, people eat painted food, talk with heroes of fairy tales and throw ink during classes.
Mr. Kleks' Academy - Young Adaś Niezgódka begins her education at the mysterious Academy. The school is led by the wiza
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Mr. Kleks' Academy

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pan kleks - Akademia pana Kleksa
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pan kleks

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Pan Kleks - Akademia pana Kleksa - ilustracja Jan Marcin Szancer
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Pan Kleks

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