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Aarhus Docklands (Danish: Aarhus Ø) is a new neighbourhood and construction site in Aarhus, Denmark. Construction of Aarhus Docklands began in 2008 and most buildings and constructions have been finished as of 2018. The project will convert the former container port, Nordhavn in the Port of Aarhus, to a new residential, educational, commercial and recreational area, consisting of high rise buildings of modern architectural designs, seaside promenades and a network of canals. Fully developed, the Docklands neighbourhood is intended to sustain 10-12,000 residents and 10,000 jobs in an area equalling the size of Trøjborg, an adjacent neighbourhood. Aarhus Docklands offers a view of the Aarhus Bay and there is just a short distance to the inner city. Aarhus Docklands is part of the larger Peri-urban Harbour-areas (De Bynære Havnearealer) comprising nearly all of the old harbour district along the coastline. It is among the largest harbourfront development projects in Europe.
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Modern construction

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