ARCHON Design Company

Archon Information Systems, L.L.C. (“Archon”) is a Delaware corporation that provides technology and collection services to government clients. The focus of Archon's services is the collection and management of delinquent ad valorem taxes, which are local governments' major source of revenue. Software development is the core of Archon’s business model, and utilizes the test-driven development design method. The company's best-known software products are the CivicSource brand of proprietary software, including CivicSource Administrator (for management of property taxes) and CivicSource Auctioneer (for conducting Internet-based tax and foreclosure sales). Archon's first major client, the City of New Orleans, used the company's software and services to host multiple online tax sales. The first of these was the first online tax sale in the Gulf South region, and the first tax sale held in New Orleans, Louisiana, after Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans netted increased revenue in property tax collection over previous sales to date.
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