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1976: A Space Odyssey (in surround sound or stereo) - the last album of Zbigniew Wodecki with the accompaniment of Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir released in May 2015 by Lado ABC in the form of CDs (CD + DVD / mixed in 5.1 /). Recording of songs from two concerts made on April 30, 2014 at Studio. Witold Lutosławski in Warsaw, thanks to the support of the Polish Radio 2 Program, is a refreshing of Wodecki's debut album from 1976, with the participation of a 43-member orchestra. Tadeusz Mieczkowski recorded, mixed and performed the remastering of the album. Mixing took place on October 6-8, 2014 at the Preisner Studio in Niepołomice in cooperation with Klementyna Walczyna.
Violetta Castillo - Violetta Castillo (Martina Stoessel) – Violetta to bardzo utalentowana nastolatka, wychowująca si
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Violetta Castillo

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