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5'nizza (pronounced [pjat nɪtsa], meaning “Friday” in Ukrainian is an acoustic group formed in 2000 in Kharkiv, Ukraine that disbanded in 2007 and reunited in 2015. It is made up of two friends: Serhii Babkin (Сергій Бабкін, guitar), and Andrii “Sun” Zaporozhets (Андрій Запорожець, vocals). The band's music has a combination of influences: reggae, Latin, rock and hip hop, which is performed in a minimalistic folk style limited to vocals, beatboxing, and acoustic guitar. Despite lack of support from large labels, the group attracted cult following in much of Central and Eastern Europe, notably Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. 5'nizza's song 'Натяни' (Natyani) was featured on American Idol, Season 16 Episode 2, on March 12, 2018 in the USA on ABC Television, when sung by Idol contestant Misha Gontar. Although the judges were intrigued by his Ukrainian rap, he was not invited to continue in the competition.
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