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Caroline Forbes - Caroline Forbes is a vampire and one of the main characters in the Vampire Diaries. She is the daughter of William and Elizabeth Forbes.
In the final of the first season, he suffers serious injuries (2×2)

Caroline Forbes is a vampire and one of the main characters in the Vampire Diaries. She is the daughter of William and Elizabeth Forbes. In the final of the first season, he suffers serious injuries as a result of a car accident, and in the episode of The Return, Damon sends her with his blood, thanks to which Forbesównie manages to survive. In the same episode, she is killed by Katherine Pierce, but returns as a vampire thanks to Damon's blood. She is the best friend of Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett and Stefan Salvatore, to whom later she reveals deeper feelings. She is also a friend of Matt Donovan, with whom she was associated. She was Tyler Lockwood's girlfriend, but they broke up with each other at the beginning of the fifth season. Klaus Mikaelson had deep feelings about Caroline, but most of the time the girl did not reciprocate. In 500 Years of Solitude, Mikaelson and Forbes slept with each other, and then the Prime Minister, according to his promise, left Mystic Falls. Enzo also said that Caroline liked him, but their relationship has not developed too much. Interestingly, despite her young age, Caroline is a strong vampire and shows extremely strong self-control. Forbes is very brave, which shows, among other things, that she helped Tyler during the changes, knowing that if a boy bites her, she can die. He cares about his loved ones and proves this, among other things, starting the fight with Damon, when he attacked her father and attacking Mason Lockwood, who threatened Elena. She studied at the University of Whitmore and lived in a dormitory with Elena. Bonnie lived with them at the time, but because of the collapse of the Other Side, Bennett died. At Best Served Cold, we learn that the children of Alaric Saltzman and the tragically inherited Josette Laughlin by the Sabbath of the Gemini were transferred to Caroline's body. Forbes gives birth to twins and becomes their substitute mother. He leaves with Rick to Dallas to raise his daughters together. Not long after that Alaric declares Caroline. Caroline was born in October 1992 in Mystic Falls as the daughter of Elizabeth and Bill Forbes. When the girl was two years old, her mother confessed to Damon that she was expensive to maintain. During her childhood, Forbes made friends with Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert. In 2007, fifteen-year-old Caroline starts high school. On holidays, the girl talks to her mother. It turns out that Elizabeth and Bill are still married. Young Forbesówna tells her mother that her dad is not here yet. Personality Like her mother Liz, Caroline was strong and determined. She was very loyal to friends, by nature very affectionate and loving. Despite many advantages, Caroline was very insecure and stressed, especially when dealing with guys. She thought she did not see what to say to persuade people (which she says to Bonnie, after an unsuccessful flirt with Stefan). This resulted in many disadvantages and complexities in its nature. Despite her friendship with Elena, she always felt that she was living in her shadow, which meant that she was very possessive. Over time, she came to life with Elena and finally managed to overcome her negative feelings about herself and others. After turning into a vampire, Caroline looked at the world from a different perspective, she became much more mature. Its willpower was multiplied, which meant that people were afraid of her because she was unpredictable and surprisingly strong for her vampire age. She became very responsible and caring, which is shown, inter alia, during the first transformation of Tyler Lockwood into a werewolf, she helped him, despite the awareness that one of his bites is enough to kill her. After the change, Caroline values ​​human life more and more, and between the killing of the first man and the next one a few months passed, which Caroline showed astonishing self-control.

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