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Monastery of Ostrzeszów

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library, Oxford

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House in Paprocany. - Paprocany. A house in Upper Silesia.
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House in Paprocany.

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House of turtle. - Unusual turtle-shaped house.
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House of turtle.

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Monastery of Ostrzeszów -  (10×10)



Monastery of Ostrzeszów -  (10×10)

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The post-Bernardine church with the monastery, erected on a hill in the 17th century, proudly reigning over the beautiful landscape, deserves to be explored. In July 1629, the convention of the Wieluń nobles enacted the foundation of a monastery with the church of St. Michael the Archangel for the Bernardine order. Originally, in 1638, a wooden church and monastery was built on the place where a brick church is now erected. During the Swedish invasion in 1656, the monastery buildings were burnt; before that the church was robbed. In 1680-1740, the current temple was built, and it was consecrated by Bishop Sommerfeld in 1741. The baroque-style building was built of plastered brick. The belfry from 1810 was demolished in 1946. The presbytery has an area of ​​8 × 7 m, at 11 m high, while the nave is 8 × 16 m and 13 m high. Inside, on the walls, there are the coat of arms of the families that were the founders of the monastery and church: Psarskich, Leszczyńskich, Siewierski, Krakowskie, Karśnickich and Wężyków, sculptures commemorating Rafał and Jan Leszczyński and late-baroque polychrome, made in 1740 by Antoni Ignacy Linki (an inscription on the music choir) . Next to the church is the chapel of St. Tadeusz Judy with the eighteenth-century image of the patron in the Baroque altar. At present, the monastery is occupied by the Nazareth Sisters.

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Rzeczywiście bajkowy widok.

ewa year ago

widok jak z bajki

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